How does it work?

Shockwave Therapy involves the application of intense energy waves to the tissues, stimulating a healing response in the body. By promoting the development of new blood vessels and rejuvenating the smooth muscle in the penis, it enhances blood flow and improves the function of the erection mechanism.

Am I a candidate for Shockwave Therapy?

While Shockwave Therapy theoretically benefits all patients with erectile dysfunction, we recommend it specifically for those experiencing the condition.

You can speak to your GP or Consultant Urologist/Andrologist, they will firstly screen, and send you for a full men’s health blood test to ensure that are no other underlying conditions causing ED, and determine if Shockwave Therapy would be suitable for you.

A comprehensive initial diagnostic consultation and completion of the IIEF questionnaire before treatment helps determine suitability and an optimal treatment protocol for each individual and if indeed, decide if shockwave therapy is the right treatment choice for you.

Men’s Health Blood Test

If you are over 50, have a family history of Prostate Cancer, specifically father or brother, or, of black ethnic origin, we will require a copy of your recent blood test results prior to commencing treatment for ED and following prostatectomy.

Screening and Blood tests can be arranged via your GP or Consultant, we require Cholesterol, HBA1C, Testosterone, PsA levels.

Alternatively you can purchase an online blood test via either London Medical Laboratory or Medichecks.

Optimal candidates for Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave therapy proves to be highly effective for men facing specific conditions related to erectile dysfunction. This non-invasive treatment is particularly beneficial for individuals experiencing:

  1. Mild to moderate erectile dysfunction: Men in this category who respond well to PDE-5 medication have a promising chance of naturally restoring their erections and significantly reducing or eliminating their reliance on medication.
  2. Vascular-related erection problems: Age and lifestyle factors can contribute to erectile dysfunction caused by vascular issues. Shockwave therapy offers a potential solution for these individuals.
  3. Erectile dysfunction unresponsive to ED medications: When previous attempts with ED medicines have yielded unsatisfactory results, shockwave therapy presents a new opportunity for improvement.
  4. Moderate to severe erectile dysfunction: Individuals with moderate to severe erectile dysfunction who do not respond to PDE-5 medication or rely on injections or other treatments may experience enhanced responsiveness to PDE-5 medication following shockwave therapy.

While even severe cases of ED have been successfully treated, it may be necessary to combine ED medicines with shockwave treatments for optimal results.

However, it is important to note that there are certain factors causing erectile dysfunction that may not be treatable using Shockwave Therapy alone. To determine if this treatment is suitable for you, we recommend scheduling a consultation with our experienced professionals. They will assess your condition and advise you on the most appropriate course of action.

Ideal candidates for the treatment

The optimal candidates for this treatment are individuals experiencing mild to moderate erectile dysfunction caused by vascular or age-related factors. Typically, these candidates fall into the age bracket of 40 years and older, although it is important to note that an increasing number of younger men are also encountering erectile dysfunction. By assessing the severity of the condition on the International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF) scale, we can determine the appropriateness of shockwave therapy for each individual.

Addressing age-related erectile dysfunction

If you are experiencing erectile dysfunction that is specifically related to age, shockwave therapy can offer a solution. By stimulating the formation of new blood vessels, this innovative treatment directly targets the underlying cause of age-related erection problems.

Is Shockwave Therapy safe if I have a heart condition?

Focus Shockwave Therapy is completely safe and has no known side effects, however, we will need your GP’s clearance if you have a history of heart disease such as heart attacks or heart surgery.

We are unable to use Focus Shockwave Therapy if you have a pacemaker, or if you are taking blood thinning or anti-coagulant medication.

Is Focus Shockwave Treatment suitable for Diabetics?

Shockwave Therapy can be effective in treating men with diabetes who suffer with Erectile Dysfunction.

GP Clearance required if you have one of the following health conditions:

  • Any history of kidney disease, kidney transplant, etc
  • Any history of liver disease, liver transplant, etc
  • Any history of cancer such as bladder, stomach, prostate, lung cancer

With Non-Bacterial Prostatitis CPPS, is a Consultant referral needed?

Yes, we will require a Consultant Urologist or Andrologist referral and confirmation that you do not have a bacterial prostatitis. You cannot start a course of Focus Shockwave Therapy whilst on an Antibiotic Course of treatment for Prostatitis.

What are the expected benefits?

Scientific evidence suggests that Shockwave Therapy can help patients achieve natural erections without or with reduced reliance on medication. It may also enhance the responsiveness to other treatment modalities, improving overall outcomes.

What to expect at my Initial First consultation?

Your first consultation will involve the completely of medical consent forms, and a thorough history taking, we do use specific men’s health questionnaires to establish your current status and severity of symptoms as a baseline measure prior to commencing treatment.  Please bring with you any GP or Androlgist/urologist consultant referral letters, recent blood tests and results.

What should I expect during the treatment session?

Each session lasts approximately 20 minutes. You will be comfortably positioned on a treatment couch with supportive pillows, decency will be respected at all times, a towel drape will be provided for modesty. Our medical practitioner will administer the treatment using a specialised probe by hand or using a mechanical arm to hold the probe on different parts of the penis and perineum. Most patients report minimal discomfort or pain during the session, but adjustments can be made to ensure your comfort.

Non-invasive and efficient: Each treatment session lasts just 20 minutes in a comfortable treatment room, allowing you to conveniently walk in and walk out within 30 minutes.

How can I prepare for the treatment?

We ask that all patients have throughly washed and cleaned their penis and pelvic area prior to each treatment session. We also ask patients to trim or shave around the base of the penis and perineum for optimal application of ultrasonic gel and transmission of the shockwaves.

What is the recommended treatment protocol?

As ongoing research continues to refine treatment protocols, the number of sessions depends on the severity of erectile dysfunction, the presence of comorbidities, and individual response. At our clinic, we typically recommend a minimum of six sessions over a three-week period for optimal results.

Can the treatment be repeated regularly?

While repeating the treatment seems logical due to its physiological effect on the erection mechanism, further investigation is needed to determine any potential saturation effect. Routinely, the treatment course can be repeated annually.

Are the results permanent?

Shockwave Therapy has established long-term biological effects, but the sustainability of results depends on addressing underlying health issues that contribute to erectile dysfunction. Patients are encouraged to adopt a healthy lifestyle and manage comorbidities for lasting improvements.

Is the treatment painful?

Some patients may experience mild discomfort during the treatment, but it is generally well-tolerated without medication. Inform our medical practitioner if you feel uncomfortable, as adjustments can be made to minimize discomfort.

Is there any pain after the treatment?

Patients typically experience reduced or no pain immediately after treatment. However, mild and diffuse aching pain or sensitisation may occur a few hours later, lasting for up to 48 hours.  If necessary patients may take ordinary prescription-free painkillers such as paracetamol, but do not take anti-inflammatory medication such as ibuprofen or apply ice to the treated area, as both may interfere with the body’s self-healing processes. We also recommend avoiding hot baths and sauna’s for the first 48 hours after treatment. We provide a topical Aloe vera gel to help soothe any sensitivity.

How quickly will I see results?

Clinical benefits in weeks: Patients often experience significant clinical improvement within 6-12 weeks after treatment, allowing you to enjoy enhanced sexual performance and satisfaction. Some patients with milder cases of ED may expect to see results as soon as 3 weeks after commencing treatment.

What if the treatment doesn’t work?

While the response to Shockwave Therapy is generally positive, it may take several months to achieve maximum effectiveness. If there is no pronounced improvement after 3-4 months, alternative treatment modalities will be discussed and considered.

I've had prostate Cancer and a prostatectomy, do I need Consultant referral for Shockwave Therapy?

Yes, we do require a referral from your Consultant Urologist for Focus Shockwave Therapy to treat ED or CPPS following a diagnosis of Prostate cancer and following a prostatectomy.