Focus Shockwave Therapy

Revitalise Your Intimate Well-being with Focused Shockwave Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction.

Discover the power of evidence-based Focused Shockwave Therapy as a highly effective treatment for erectile dysfunction (ED),  hard flaccid syndrome, and Peyronie’s disease. Experience the benefits of this quick, painless, and discreet treatment, which boasts minimal risks, side effects, and downtime. Restore your confidence and enhance your sexual health with this innovative solution.

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What is Focus Shockwave Therapy?

Focused Shockwave Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is an advanced and clinically proven treatment offered at Aubergine Physio. This non-invasive procedure targets the root causes of ED erectile dysfunction.  Addressing issues such as reduced blood flow, micro-plaque buildup, and damaged smooth muscle tissue in the penis. By utilising low-intensity shockwaves, this therapy stimulates the body’s natural healing processes, promoting the formation of new blood vessels, improved circulation, and enhanced sensitivity. The result is improved erectile function, increased sexual performance, and a renewed sense of confidence. With its pain-free and drug-free approach, Focused Shockwave Therapy offers a safe and effective solution for men seeking to overcome ED and reclaim their sexual well-being.

Unlocking the Power of Focus Shockwave Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction

Harness the potential of Shockwave Therapy at Aubergine Physio to address the underlying causes of erectile dysfunction. By delivering painless and intense focused waves to the affected tissues, this innovative therapy stimulates repair and regeneration processes within the body.

Focused shockwave therapy generates waves of pressure that enhance blood flow by dissolving plaque buildup in the penis and promoting the formation of new blood vessels (angiogenesis) and the restoration of damaged smooth muscle in the penile tissues, stimulating the nerves (neurogenesis ) within the pelvis that supply the penis, which in turn enhances sensitivity and improves the possibility of arousal.

ED can arise from various underlying medical conditions, with cardiovascular disease and diabetes being the most common culprits in 90% of cases. These conditions often hinder blood flow to the penis, a problem that medications like Phosphodiesterase 5 (PDE5) inhibitors aim to correct.

However, these medications are not suitable for individuals with certain conditions such as high blood pressure, a history of heart attack, liver issues, Peyronie’s disease, and more. Additionally, they provide only temporary relief, masking the issue without addressing its root cause, which can potentially worsen underlying conditions.

How can shockwave therapy address ED?

Focus Shockwave Therapy tackles the root cause of ED and delivers lasting effects to 75% of patients. By complimenting this treatment with addressing lifestyle factors such as diet and exercise, the effects can even be permanent. With Shockwave Therapy, your body’s own healing abilities are reawakened, leading to improved erectile function and a revitalised intimate experience.

Shockwave in use

Which shockwave therapy approach is best for ED: Focused or Radial?

Radial shockwave devices have higher energy at the source, which weakens as it travels away and dissipates. Consequently, they are typically used to treat larger areas of tissue up to 3-4cm beneath the skin. These devices create superficial pressure that triggers a pro-inflammatory response in the outer tissues, rather than reaching the internal area of the penis where the energy needs to be delivered for ED reversal. Moreover, applying radial shockwaves to the penis and surrounding area can be highly uncomfortable.

Extensive research indicates that there is no quality evidence supporting the use of radial waves for treating erectile dysfunction (Salinas et al., “Are Radial Pressure Waves Effective in Treating Erectile Dysfunction?”).

Focused shockwave devices are more commonly employed for treating ED due to their ability to deliver lower intensity energy waves precisely to specific areas up to 12.5cm beneath the skin. These precise waves can effectively target and break down fatty plaques that contribute to or worsen ED symptoms.

In contrast to radial shockwaves, focused shockwaves stimulate the release of nitric oxide (NO), a vasodilator that improves circulation by dilating blood vessels. Research suggests that nitric oxide plays a crucial role in erections, and deficiency in NO can contribute to ED.

The Benefits

How does Shockwave Therapy benefit Erectile Dysfunction?

Tackles the root cause

Treats the Root Cause

Regeneration of blood vessels, smooth penile musculature, and nerves within around the pelvic region, in addition to breaking down the fatty plaques within the arteries, Focus Shockwave really does treat the root cause.

High success rate

Impressive Success Rates

With its strong foundation in evidence-based research, shockwave therapy stands as a highly effective treatment for erectile dysfunction (ED). It boasts a remarkable success rate, providing lasting effects for 75% of patients.

Low side effects

Safe and Side Effect Free

One of the remarkable benefits of this treatment is its impeccable safety record, as there are no reported side effects.  Rest assured, you can undergo this treatment with peace of mind, knowing that it poses no known risks or adverse effects.

Drug free

Medication Free

Say goodbye to injections and pills. Shockwave therapy offers a drug-free solution to effectively address erectile dysfunction. You can experience the benefits of this treatment without relying on pharmaceutical interventions.

Blood vessels

Promoting Blood Flow

Experience stronger and longer-lasting erections with shockwave therapy, as it stimulates the growth of new blood vessels. This innovative treatment facilitates improved blood circulation to the penis, resulting in enhanced erectile function.

Swift results

Fast Results

Experience the benefits of shockwave therapy with its rapid outcomes. Typically, patients can anticipate noticeable changes within a relatively short timeframe. On average, significant improvements are often observed within 6-12 weeks of initiating the treatment.


Quick and Simple 

Our focus shockwave treatment is simple to apply, requiring just 20 minutes to administer. With our efficient approach, you can expect to be in and out of our clinic within a mere 30 minutes, allowing you to seamlessly incorporate your treatment into your busy schedule.



Focus Shockwave therapy promotes neurogenesis, which involves neural stimulation, nerve innervation, and regeneration. This innovative approach stimulates the growth of new nerves, leading to enhanced sensitivity and heightened sexual desire.

Non invasive

Non Invasive

Focused shockwave devices that work externally, penetrating through the skin and tissue. No requirement for surgery, internal or invasive examinations during our treatment process. We prioritise your comfort and strive to provide effective and non-invasive solutions for your needs.

Discreet location

Discreet Private Clinic

At Aubergine Physio, we empathise with the delicate and sensitive nature of discussing concerns related to intimate health. Rest assured, our clinic prioritises complete discretion and privacy throughout your experience with us.

Stephanie Smith-Rowles of Aubergine Physio

Unveiling the Origins of Shockwave Therapy for Urological Applications

The roots of Shockwave Therapy in medical applications trace back to the 1950s when a Ukrainian engineer devised a device capable of obliterating kidney stones within the human bladder using an endoscope. However, it was in 1980 when a groundbreaking discovery occurred—kidney stones could be shattered extracorporeally, i.e., outside the body, using shockwaves. This revolutionary technique enabled the treatment of kidney stones from the external tissue, eliminating the need for invasive surgeries.

As research progressed, scientists uncovered the intriguing effects of shockwave therapy at different dosage levels. Lower doses demonstrated remarkable destructiveness, effectively breaking down kidney stones. Conversely, higher doses showcased a regenerative quality, stimulating the regeneration of soft tissues and even promoting bone healing. In the context of erectile dysfunction, shockwave therapy harnesses approximately one-tenth of the energy employed for kidney stones. Instead of breaking down tissue, as in the case of kidney stones, these lower-energy shockwaves contribute to the overall health of the penis, fostering rejuvenation and vitality.

Storz Medical DUOLITH SDi T-Top Ultra

At Aubergine Physio, we utilise cutting-edge technology to provide Focused Shockwave Therapy using the highly acclaimed Storz Medical DUOLITH SD1 T-Top Ultra. This state-of-the-art medical equipment ensures optimal results. By delivering intense energy waves known as shockwaves, which travel faster than the speed of sound, this therapy penetrates your body effectively. Our skilled therapists place the handheld device on your skin, generating waves externally and directing them into your body, a process known as Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT).

Rest assured that the machines employed for this procedure are CE marked and manufactured by Storz Medical, a trusted name in the industry. Our therapists are extensively trained in FOCUS Shockwave technology by Venn Healthcare using Storz Medical equipment, and they possess expert knowledge in administering shockwave therapy.